About Ms. Crys'

I'm Crystal, the founder, CEO, and creative hands behind Ms. Crys' Creations. Since childhood, it was instilled in me to use my creativity to connect with people. This creativity came in the form of music, and arts & crafts. As an adult crafting became a form of therapy and balance for my day-to-day responsibilities. Crafting has allowed me to slow down, center myself, and focus.
As an avid supporter of urban culture, I found myself constantly seeking ways to express my love for black culture. Custom tees were my favorite! But purchasing black history and Juneteenth apparel from non-POC’s didn’t make sense to me. Naturally, my focus in crafting turned onto making my own tee’s. When I realized that my friends would not let me rest until I “hooked them up” I knew that what I was doing as a form of therapy could also serve as an extra source of income as well as promote a beautiful sense of pride among my peers. And as a native of Miami, it made perfect sense… and cents.
To create custom tees and things for a cultural and fashionable lifestyle.

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